Sally Hansen Diamond Shine

I was looking for a drug store top coat, which would delay the eventual nail chipping and helped it dry real fast. I was fed up with smudged nail paint.

This is when I turned to twitter and just like on all previous occasions( pram, vacuum cleaner) the suggestion from my twitter friends didn’t fail me.
Val was the first to recommend Sally Hansen Diamond Shine and it was soon seconded my many others. And, they were spot on about it. This is a drug store gem.

ansen Diamon Shine

I wore this first on Savvy Orange Envy, a nail paint which doesn’t claim anything about ‘no nail chipping’ or how long the manicure last. Do you want to see how Sally Hansen performed??

Day 1:

ansen Diamon Shine Day 1

Day 5:

Sally Hansen Diamon Shine Day 5

Even after 5 days, there is tiny wear on nail tip with slight chipping. This itself was enough to convince me about Sally Hansen Diamond Shine claims, you know proof lies in the pudding.

The shine which this imparts to any nail polish is exquisite. Every single time I have used it, it looks like I had a professional manicure done. And if this wasn’t enough, this gem from Sally Hansen helps my nail paint dry really fast.

My only gripe is the packaging. With black bodied bottle, I just don’t know when I need to get a new one.
But, all aside, I love this beauty. I am already on my 3rd bottle and will definitely be stocking on more.

Do you girls have a go-to top coat?


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