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Burberry Eyeshadows : Midnight Brown & Porcelain

Burberry eye shadow singles, are just what you would expect from a high end make up brand.
You fall in love with them all over again, every single time you use them.

I am naturally drawn towards warm shades like brown,taupe, so it was no surprise when I chose Midnight Brown.
Burberry Midnight Brown is a dark brown with shimmer and red undertone. I use this mainly as the shade for outer 2/3rd of my eyelid area and as socket colour
Even though it’s quite warm, I think it would look quite good on cool tone skin.

Midnight Brown-001

My choice for Porcelain was mainly driven by the fact that I wasn’t happy with highlighting eyeshadows in my collection.
Burberry Porcelain is just what its name is. A beautiful highlight shadow with enough warmth to work on warm skintones.
Most of the highlighting shades I have come across, appear frost like on my lids. But, not this one.


Porcelain Midnight Brown Swatch-001

Both the eyeshadows, are pigmented, soft and easy to work with. Just wish that they cost little less

Have you tried any of the Burberry eye shadow singles? What do you think of them ??


Burberry Lip Cover

Do you get sucked in by packaging and the hype created by discussions on various blogs ?? I do, I am easily influenced and it has proven injurious to my credit card…but that’s a different story.
In name of blog research, I was waiting excitedly for Burberry to launch its makeup line in Australia. 
So what did I do when I heard that Burberry makeup is available through David Jones in Chadstone, no prizes for guessing that.
Now, my first impression was that the display was absolute high end and so chic. One automatically felt special while browsing through the products.
Generally when I venture in new makeup brand I start with either lip color or eye shadow. In this case I bought lip cover( Burberry’s version of lipstick)
What I Liked:
  •   The packaging. It comes in metallic cuboid case with trademark Burberry impression. The cap   closes only when the magnetic strip on the cap aligns with the iron strip in the base. I personally found this very smart.
  •  It’s reasonably hydrating
  • It provides decent coverage.
What I didn’t like:
  • Staying power. It was less than 2 hours
  •  For anyone with pigmented lips (like mine) it doesn’t provide enough coverage but then that’s just for me.
  •  Color Range. Its quite small leaning more towards the neutral.
  • Value for money. It retails at $49AUD while Chanel Coco Shine retails at $50AUD but latter has better pigmentation and coverage.
  • It settles in fine lines

    Would I Recommend it:
    It’s more of a lust have item than a must have one. I would rather go for Chanel Coco Shine which has better pigmentation, coverage and staying power.
    I had bought Cameo Pink which is a nice coral pink.