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Festive Eyelook for Diwali

Diwali is one of the most important festival in India. Festivities are planned on scale similar to Christmas. Everyone plans on food, gifts, party etc but few beauty crazed people think about the makeup they would be wearing for Diwali party 😉

And this is what I plan to do, a warm jewel toned eye look

Final look 1

I started with NARS Smudgeproof as the primer, followed by MAC Tan pigment all over the eyelid. Since I don’t get to use MAC pigments on regular basis, this was a good chance to have some play with them. It’s a beautiful rose gold colour.

Step1 MAC Tan Pigment

As the next step, I applied MAC Blue Brown pigment in the outer 2/3rd part of the eye. There was fall out but it can be minimised by using a flat dense eye brush. This is such a gorgeous pigment , beautiful duochrome. In this look, since I have used a rose gold color as base, the pigment looks more brown then blue.

Step 2 MAC Blue Brown Pigment

To give more depth to the look, I used MAC Foley and Embark eyeshadow as the socket colour. The key at this step is blending. Blend it enough to soften the line, yet keep the distinct colours visible

Step 3 MAC Foley and Embark

Using MAC Carbon as the outer corner colour adds that extra depth to the look. My favourite brush for this is Artiste dome shaped smudge brush. Its dense and pointed, so color application is precise avoiding the racoon effect.
Step 4 MAC Carbon

I finished the look with Loreal gel eyeliner, Milani Liquif’ye in Black on water line. On my lower lash line, I applied MAC Twink using an angle brush.

Final Look 2

Products used


From L to R : MAC Foley, Embark, Twink
MAC Foley Embark Twink

From L to R: MAC Pigment Tan and Blue Brown

Do you plan to do something special this Diwali or this festive season? We plan to have a lots of food, sparkles and decorating the house with lights.


Dior skincare for Combination Dry skin

Hey guys ( incase some one reads this )….I am really sorry for gone missing for so many days..So I am back with few posts.

As mentioned earlier, I have combination dry skin and as winter starts approaching, my skin just stops to cooperate. I start having flakey skin, redness on cheek, tight and parched skin. No amount of drinking water, moisturising would help me.

And thats when I chanced upon this beauty

Dior Hydra Action

Now, to the story how I found this gem. At my work we would be having weekly meeting in evening and there was this woman , who must be beyond 50 but her it was to die for. So fresh , plump and she had the best skin I have seen ( except for my mom’s). So, what did I do, walked up to her and asked her “So, what do you use?”. And pat came the reply, Dior skincare. I rushed to the Dior counter at my department store and asked the SA to suggest the right products for me.

Now, this SA was a gem. She sat me down, asked my skin concerns and gave me generous samples of Dior HydraAction Serum and Creme Sorbet. I tried them for a week and my skin was really happy, which prompted me to buy the full size products.

I have been using this for over 1 month now and skin is so moisturised and fresh. Infact, now I can dare to go to work without any makeup. Infact, one of the mornings, my better half, commented “Your skin is looking just so great. Its almost as if you have applied makeup”. Hearing this I , silently thanked my colleague and Dior Hyrdaction.

The only downside is that its very expensive, but then it lasts. I have been using this for over 1 month and I have hardly used anything.

I think I will try more of Dior products. Loved it.

So, Bye Till Next Time !!!

P.S : I also got as gift with the purchase, would be covering it in different post