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Lips Exfoliation

We all know that exfoliation is an important step in skin care routine. Just as we exfoliate the skin on our face and body, lip exfoliation is also needed to get smooth lips. At least, that’s what I think

There are many lip scrubs available in market for this purpose but personally I am not very fond of those. Apart for shelling out extra dollars for something which can be achieved easily, they are harsh for the soft skin on our lips.

So, how do I exfoliate my lips?? All I use is a heavy duty lip balm like Lanolips( I use Dr Lipps) and the trusty, always present q-tip.


Lanolips 101

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Every night before I sleep, I apply tiny amount of Dr Lipps on my lips. What this does is that it softens the dead skin and the flaky bits while moisturising the lips. While washing my face next morning,all I need to do face is to wet the q-tip and move in on my lips in circular motion. This picks up all the dead skin and reveals the soft skin.

Once exfoliated, I follow it with Nivea lip butter.
Nivea Lip Butter Tin

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How do you exfoliate your lips ?


Review : Lanolips 101

I have always been tormented with dry flaky lips all year round and its gets worse when its cold.I can’t tell you how bad it is, I can’t wear lipstick and it hurts.
So, in one of my trips to Priceline I picked up this little gem, “The Original Lanolips”

What I liked

-> The consistency. It thinner than vaseline and is easy to spread on lips
-> There is no smell or taste which is a big plus
-> There is no sensation of any sorts when applied
-> Use it overnight and it works magic

What I didn’t like

-> It can’t be worn under lipstick, so I have to mostly wear it overnight or when I have no lipcolor
-> It has to be applied using fingers as there is no slanted tips. This is real pain
when travelling and you want to reapply it

But,all in all, its a great product for people who are out there with dry lips.

Price : Approx $17.00 AUD ( I have had this for long so the price is an approximation)