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Lips Exfoliation

We all know that exfoliation is an important step in skin care routine. Just as we exfoliate the skin on our face and body, lip exfoliation is also needed to get smooth lips. At least, that’s what I think

There are many lip scrubs available in market for this purpose but personally I am not very fond of those. Apart for shelling out extra dollars for something which can be achieved easily, they are harsh for the soft skin on our lips.

So, how do I exfoliate my lips?? All I use is a heavy duty lip balm like Lanolips( I use Dr Lipps) and the trusty, always present q-tip.


Lanolips 101

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Every night before I sleep, I apply tiny amount of Dr Lipps on my lips. What this does is that it softens the dead skin and the flaky bits while moisturising the lips. While washing my face next morning,all I need to do face is to wet the q-tip and move in on my lips in circular motion. This picks up all the dead skin and reveals the soft skin.

Once exfoliated, I follow it with Nivea lip butter.
Nivea Lip Butter Tin

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How do you exfoliate your lips ?


Revlon Lip Butter

Couple of weeks ago twitter was in frenzy, at least for Aussie girls and display stands were torn apart. Even testers were gone. Yes, Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters had hit Australian stores. And to make the deal sweeter was that Priceline was having ‘Buy One, Get One free’ on Revlon. The excitement was justified because I am sure no one would be ready to pay $21.95 AUD for them. The product itself is great, its just the Australian markups.

I had already tried and loved them when my little sister had gifted them to me. The formula is that of tinted balm but with better pigmentation. I was surprised by how pigmented it was.Off late, I have very little time to put on makeup and this comes to rescue. Its a pigmentation of a lipstick and hydration of a balm rolled in one.

As part of the deal, I picked 6 lip butters and my favorite of the lot is ‘Candy Apple’

  • Fig Jam


         This is brown color with glossy finish. Since my lips are already pigmented, this just added more
         color with a touch of gloss.

  • Pink Truffle


        This is a brown color with hint of pink to it. The MLBB from the collection. As you can see from the
        pictures that its very creamy and less sheer compared to Fig Jam.

  • Lollipop


         Its bright pink with blue undertones and shimmer. It looks really bright in the tube and
         the prefect way to brighten up your face.

  • Sweet Tart



        Its a soft barbie pink.If you always wanted to wear barbie pink, but were petrified with the brightness,
         this is a good place to start.

  • Tutti Frutti


         Its a sheer orange lipstick which can be built up with few swipes

  • Candy Apple


        Its my favourite from the collection. A nice warm red. It has yellow undertones which
        makes it easier to pull off. I love it and have been wearing it quite often.
       The pigmentation is quite good but needs reapplication.

 The lip butter is a nice addition to my collection as I can see it being used often. The only gripe I have with the formulation is that if I am not gentle while applying on lips, they( lip butters) tend to break. I don’t even want to think, what will happen to them in summer if winter has it breaking on my lips.

So,which colors did you pick ?