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Festive Eyelook for Diwali

Diwali is one of the most important festival in India. Festivities are planned on scale similar to Christmas. Everyone plans on food, gifts, party etc but few beauty crazed people think about the makeup they would be wearing for Diwali party 😉

And this is what I plan to do, a warm jewel toned eye look

Final look 1

I started with NARS Smudgeproof as the primer, followed by MAC Tan pigment all over the eyelid. Since I don’t get to use MAC pigments on regular basis, this was a good chance to have some play with them. It’s a beautiful rose gold colour.

Step1 MAC Tan Pigment

As the next step, I applied MAC Blue Brown pigment in the outer 2/3rd part of the eye. There was fall out but it can be minimised by using a flat dense eye brush. This is such a gorgeous pigment , beautiful duochrome. In this look, since I have used a rose gold color as base, the pigment looks more brown then blue.

Step 2 MAC Blue Brown Pigment

To give more depth to the look, I used MAC Foley and Embark eyeshadow as the socket colour. The key at this step is blending. Blend it enough to soften the line, yet keep the distinct colours visible

Step 3 MAC Foley and Embark

Using MAC Carbon as the outer corner colour adds that extra depth to the look. My favourite brush for this is Artiste dome shaped smudge brush. Its dense and pointed, so color application is precise avoiding the racoon effect.
Step 4 MAC Carbon

I finished the look with Loreal gel eyeliner, Milani Liquif’ye in Black on water line. On my lower lash line, I applied MAC Twink using an angle brush.

Final Look 2

Products used


From L to R : MAC Foley, Embark, Twink
MAC Foley Embark Twink

From L to R: MAC Pigment Tan and Blue Brown

Do you plan to do something special this Diwali or this festive season? We plan to have a lots of food, sparkles and decorating the house with lights.


False Lash Effect with Mascara

Few days back, I had done my eye make up ( and I spent a lot of time doing it), when my sister commented ” Have you used false lashes ?’

My heart lept with joy and I emphatically denied her claims “No, its just the mascara”. This meant that she was after my life to know how I did it cause she has tiny lashes.

The key to best mascara application is a good mascara, light hand application and an eyelash curler.

The steps I follow to get the false lash effect are

1. Light handed application of mascara right from the base

I had used, Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara

Image Source :

2. Curl the lashes using a curler. I used Bodyshop eyelash curler

Image source :

3. Apply mascara again and Voila you are done !!!!

This has always worked for me, let me know if this helps you or if  you have some other tip

So, Bye Till Next Time

P.S : Sorry guys I had been too lazy to take pictures of my products, so I picked few from internet with due credit

You know you are addicted when…

1. When you go to sleep thinking about the new look you are going to try or planning your haul

2. Dreaming about what beauty idea to blog about

3. And then dreaming that you have posted it

4. Shopping makeup/skincare even after blowing the monthly budget and resolving not to buy anything more

5. When you swatch for MAC LE just for the sake of it

6. When you scour the catalogs and stores to make sure you are not missing on some good deal

7. When you buy makeup/skincare for your family to get your own fix.

8. When you go and swatch products just for the high it provides

Am I the only one who is addicted????

Bye till next time !!!!