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DIY : Easy Oil Cleansing Method

Reading Sarah and Jenny DIY success, I was tempted to try, but stayed away for 2 reasons. One, I am a lazy person, I sit on things till they don’t become absolute necessary. My husband terms this as my ‘launch time’ 😉 And second reason is that I am terrible at following a recipe. Read through and you will know what I mean.

One day I plucked courage and placed my order on SEA. The first item, I wanted to try was Sarah’s Easy Oil Cleansing recipe. So, I referred to her blog and prepared the Easy Oil Cleanser. But only after 2 uses, my skin was all flaky, irritated and dry. I reviewed the ratio I used and what was mentioned on the blog. Oh no!! I had used the oily skin proportions instead of the dry skin. In case you are wondering, I have dry sensitive skin. All kind of expletives were uttered. See, what I meant about my inability to follow a recipe.

Anyways, I took a deep breath and adjusted the proportion so that I achieved the ratio for dry skin. That day, I was glad that I had paid attention to my Maths classes.

Even with the adjusted ratio for dry skin, I was not entirely happy. This, I partially blame to my careless first attempt. After discussion with Sarah on twitter, I reduced proportion of Castor Oil in my mix.

So, now I use following ratio

Polysorbate 80 : Castor Oil : Oil = 2 : 0.25 : 7
Eg: Polysorbate 80 = 8 gm
Castor Oil = 1 gm
Oil = 28 gm

Oil Cleansing Methid

For oil, I have used Rosehip and Jojoba. Once I got the recipe right, I can safely say that it’s the best cleanser I have ever tried. It doesn’t require double cleansing but still removes all makeup, dirt and dead skin. I just warm it within my palm, massage it all over my face and then wash with warm water. It feels so clean without the dry, stretchy feeling. What really, made me a believer was the change in skin on my nose. For longest, I can remember, my nose has been an issue. On its own, it would be oily with dirt trapped in pores and rough skin. I had tried everything from nose strips to exfoliant but nothing worked. I had come to term with it, till I tried this cleanser. After using it for almost 2 months continuously, skin on my nose is relatively better. It’s no longer oily and the pores have cleared too. With skin being cleaner and less dry means that the makeup also sets well. Foundation looks less patchy and make up looks more natural.

After this experience, I am a DIY convert. It’s not very difficult, just needs a bit of attention when following the recipe.
Have you ever DIYed skin care? How was your experience?

Note: Just like everything else, skincare that works for me, may or may not work for others.


Its a Month today

It was exactly 4 weeks, on Monday, when I had walked in David Jones with my skin in disaster. It was dry,stretchy, cracking and red bumps which felt hot. My skin was not in happy condition for few days and the stay over at friends place pushed it over the brink. I was so desperate and frustrated with my skin that I was ready to go any length to fix it.

And, with determined stride in my steps , I walked and stopped at Dermalogica counter. Now, the reason why I stopped there was cause my friend who has severe acne with dry skin( and yes that possible !!) uses Dermalogica.I thought, if it works for her then it should work for me as well.

As the beauty therapist was busy with some other client , I waited ( mind it this was on a lunch break, which highlights how desperate I was). Once she came over, she quickly analyzed my skin, did a face mapping and said “You have dry,dehydrated sensitive skin”. She showed me the following products and did a quick application as well.

-> Ultra Calming Cleanser

-> Ultra Calming Mist

-> Gentle Soothing Booster

-> Ultra Sensitive Face Block spf 25

It felt better with first application and I could see that the redness had diminished.As a result, I bought them ( they broke my makeup budget for the month!!!)

Also the therapist had suggested to buy Skin Hydrating Booster later, which I picked this weekend. Quite happy till now

Image Source : Dermalogica Australia

But, boy oh boy, they really work….I mean they are gems….
My skin has never felt better.All red bumps are gone, dryness is controlled and I feel confident without makeup!!! In fact Mr.M commented “Your skin is glowing. I think it was money well spent”.
And my little sister said “Oh, you have got skin just like me”

I do the following
-> Clean the face
-> Spray Ultra Calming Mist
-> Apply the Gentle Soothing Booster
-> Apply any face block (AM)
-> Apply any moisturizer (PM)

As if all the compliments were not proof enough, a little story over the weekend sealed my love for Dermalogica. My facial skin can’t stand oil.Period. I had applied hand cream which had olive oil and while sleeping had rested my face on my hands.Boom!! I wake up in morning with five red bumps on cheek. I was like ‘Yikes!!’.
But,then I followed my usual routine with Dermalogica products and woke up with nice baby soft skin..all bumps gone.

I wanted to share this with you guys earlier, but I thought to complete 4 weeks before I talked about it.

For past few days I am been thinking “Why didn’t I start using Dermalogica earlier”

Is there any products which makes you think the same ???