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Real Technique Blush Brush

As a makeup addict, you can never have enough makeup brushes. You are always one short of having your collection complete.
So, when I saw that the much loved Real Technique brushes were available on iHerbs, I knew I had to get them.

Of the few RT brushes that I bought, the blush brush and the buffing brush were the standout. Being made of synthetic taklon bristle they are incredibly smooth.
I was particularly in need of a blush brush since the once I was using previously was shedding badly. In case you are wondering, it was a Sigma brush.

Real Technique Blush Brush

The brush is very soft and picks up perfect amount of color. The size of  brush handle makes it easy to handle. And don’t underestimate the benefits of the flat base of the handle. The self standing feature comes real handy if you have a toddler trying to take everything from your makeup drawer.

The brush is also very easy to clean and less drying time considering the density of the brush. I have washed the brush couple of times, but haven’t noticed much of shedding.

With a price tag of $9.99 AUD on iHerb, its a complete winner. I have been using it daily and can’t recommend it enough.


Chanel Illusion D’Ombre Emerveille` 82

I already loved my Chanel Illusion D’Ombreso when I saw Pixiwoo sisters recreate a celebrity look using Emerveille, it entered my never ending wishlist ( the one where everytime I strike off one, 5 new items take the place !!!)

When I swatched it in store, I knew I had to take it with me. Its peachy beige with very small shimmer and like all D’ombres swatch very smooth. I have lost count of people to whom I have recommended this beauty. Its the most used eyeshadow in my stash.

Chanel Emerville Swatch

Its easy to use, if in rush all you need is clean fingers to apply it as an allover eyelid color for an instant polished look. Since I have been very time poor this comes handy in my looks as it requires minimum effort.

I use it as

  • As an base eyeshadow color. It provides radiance to other shadows in the look
  • On its own with heavy eyeliner
  • On its own and with dark color in crease and flick of an eyeliner

It has never failed me. Perfect

MAC Fix+ and Jane Iredale Pommisst

You know there are items you buy just because everyone raves about it but have no idea/or don’t know how to use..ohh..not it is just me. I had bought MAC Fix+ sometime ago and been provided Jane Iredale Pommisst by PR, but never got around using them. One day, I just started using and now that I have been using MAC Fix + and Jane Iredale mist for over a month, I think I know what I feel about them.

Both mists hydrate, gives me the dewy look something I always long for since I have got dry skin. They also help me get rid of the powdery/cakey feel of my makeup. Now, for girls who have very small facial hair ( I have them) these help the makeup to settle down without looking as if they are clinging to your hair. The added bonus of using them is that my makeup stays fresh for longer without any touch ups. I am not a melting mess by the time I go home.

Now, if both of them perform equally which one I would repurchase? Its hands down Jane Iredale pommisst.

Why you ask..

• The mist size is very fine and because of which it dries of very fast
• The smell is just so refreshing.
• The bottle size is just right.

With MAC fix+ the mist size is big and at times I almost felt that my makeup is melting down. So, the trick I use now is that I press only half pump and keep is farthest from my face as possible.

Tips for using it

• Have a thin book or fan handy to fan yourself after spraying it. This helps is dry quick.
• Try doing this before you do the eye makeup. I didn’t do this initially and would end up eyeliner/mascara running down my face.

Do you use any mist ? What are your thoughts on it ? Any tips which you use ? Please share in comments

Can a Brand rise while prices drop ??

And the answer is an emphatic Yes !!!. Kiehl’s has proved it

Last week, few of us lucky bloggers were invited to Kiehl’s Blogger’s exclusive event held at Myer,Bourke Street.It is here we were told that Kiehl’s was reducing price across their range including their cult products Creme de Corps range of body lotions, Ultra Facial skin care products.
It was like music to ears, cause I absolutely adore there Avocado eye cream which earlier used to retail at $65 AUD is now only $39 AUD..Isn’t it great !!

To put the price drop in perspective,Ultra Facial Cream 125ml used to retail at $105AUD is only $64AUD which is a 40% drop !!!

Kiehl’s has a history of a brand that gives back to the community and with this price drop they have again proved that they indeed give back to their customers.
Now I can stock up on my Avocado eye cream without envying my US cousins.
This price drop is effective 9th May

It was fun filled and very well organized event.We had our skin analysis done and 3 products were given for trial . The bloggers got a chance to mingle, play with various products and discuss our concerns with Kiehl’s

Kiehl’s has proved that they are growing even though the prices are shrinking. Yes , my fellow Aussie this is true, finally a brand has decided to help the consumers

Many other brands need to take cue from this great initiative and start giving back to community

NOTD : Revlon Plum Seduction

Just have a look at the color,isn’t it gorgeous…yumm…love it

What I liked :

-> The color. Its an absolutely beautiful color. Somewhere between purple and pink
-> The formula. Its so creamy and so easy to apply. 2 coats and you are done
-> The shine. Do you see how the color shines. The picture is in natural light and there is no top coat

What I didn’t like :

-> The wearability. There was wear off very next day which was a downside considering how beautiful the color is.

Feeling Blue..

No,I am not feeling sad or depressed.
Actually I felt that I was stuck in rut, wearing a same eyelook almost every other day.So,one of these days I decided to base my eye look around blue.
And this is what I came up with

Products used:

MAC Painterly pot as base
Loose powder to smoothen the base
Maybeline EyeStudio pencil in Blue
Inglot 419 eye shadow
Any black eyeshadow
Black Lancome Mascara

1. Apply MAC painterly pot all over eyelid as base
2. Using a fluffy eyeshadow brush apply loose powder
3. Apply the blue eyeliner along the upper lashline
4. Using any flat eyeshadow blush, pick some matter black eyeshadow and smudge the eyeliner with brush strokes towards the crease
5. Blend well
6. Apply Inglot eyeshadow on the outercorner and blend it in with upward stroke
7. Apply mascara

And, I was done. quite happy with the change and the simplicity of this look.

Freebies + Haul + Pics

I know I know…I am very late but still…its better late than never
Remember I had mentioned about freebies( and Haul) which I got in Myer opening, below is the pic of those.

Something about these brands


This is a skincare brand with mainly natural ingredients.I chanced upon this when I was trying to get a facial done.There store in South Yarra has amazing facials.
I have used there moisturizing cream and face wash. Loved both of them



This is my first foray in this branch so don’t have much to say.But I am loving it this far.





This is my first eye pencil from this brand.Have liked their foundation, sunblock, blush….so, I think I will like this too

Laura Mercier

Never tried this far but have great things about LM tinted moisturiser. I had received a sample of TM ( Nude) but can’t find it to take a pic. 😦

Review of Benefit & Clinique coming soon

I always knew this…..

There was a fact which I knew long before I knew the difference between Kajal and eyeliner…..and the fact is…..I love nailpolish….I can never ever have bare nails…

I have tried it many times, but I have failed miserably.

Yesterday night I cleaned by nails and since they were yellow stained, I thought I will give it a break.
So,I went to work without any nailpaint.

While busy working, I noticed a small chip in my thumb nail…..and that was enough.I started playing with it and before I knew, my nail was broken in half.

Knowing myself well, I rushed to drugstore to get a nail file and filed all my nails to minimum possible length. My resolve was still strong not to paint my nails.

Till..i saw a girl in my train wearing a nice pink lilac nailpaint.Even without realising my mind ran a quick google search of my nailpaint collection and found a colour close to it.
And with this my friends, my resolve not to paint my nails didn’t even last 24 hours.

I love painting my nails.

What about you…do you have any such obsession ???

Manic Monday : Nailpaint

Okay..its not Monday..but its okay. You know what they say ‘Better late than never’.

Today, I present to you Revlon Gray Suede, a shade launched as part of their Spring collection.

What I like about it

-> very gentle nude colour for Indian women.Most colours which I have tried earlier made my hand look so old, dark and ghastly. But not this one.
-> very easy to apply
-> streak free finish
-> colour is opague only in 2 coats
-> very chic and great for office goers…

What I don’t like

-> I can’t think of any

The paint in bottle looks to have some gold reflects, but there is no shimmer when applied on nails. Atleast , I couldn’t see any.

I think, my quest for a nude nailpaint has come to stop with Gray Suede

First 3 days….

Day 1

One of my colleague wasn’t feeling well today. So, I volunteered to get some medicine for him.
Now, for some one who is on ‘No Shopping’ challenge, this was a no-go zone. I could have bought medicine for convenience store, but I walked one city block to a drugstore.

I lingered and savoured the sight of all the makeup/skincare product before I picked up his medicine. While walking back, I saw the clearance basket for Loreal Color riche lipcolor. Picked up , swatched , loved it and then kept it back. I didn’t buy it. It was such a good feeling to be able to control the urge to buy a new lippie. Yay

I thought I had averted the danger..but it struck at the payment counter..there sitting was a cute lip palm..and the girl at counter said ‘We have a minimum purchase on credit purchase’…and thats when I could hear myself saying…’Ok, give me the lipbalm too’.
And thats my friend how easily the shopping demon struck.

But to my defence
-> its not easy to break a habit so deeply set in
-> and that lipbalm was for good cause

Day 2

It was uneventful. Just browsing blogs and making mental list of stuff I am liking or I need to swatched.

Day 3

Swatched Body shop’s kohl…didn’t love them..very ‘meh’
Got a free gift from NARS…a mini lipgloss trio…loving it..its so pretty looking in the package that I don’t want to use it

Hmm..thats my challenge so far…

Bye, till I see u next time