Sleek Storm Palette

Sleek eyeshadow palette in ‘Storm’ is a beautiful mix of neutral and dark intense shades. A palette which you can carry when on holidays and it will cover your daytime to night time eye look. I had been lusting after it for long time and then I finally picked it from Crush Cosmetics

Sleek Storm

The swatches, first the top row(L to R) and then the bottom row(L to R). All swatches are done without any base.

Sleek Storm Top Row Swatch

Sleek Storm Bottom Row Swatches

Quality wise they are great. There is minimum fall out and they last without creassing when used with primer.
I think what makes this palette a winner is the combination of shades and texture. There is matte shades for buffing and intense colours for giving the edge to an otherwise simple eye look. I think the most unique shade in the palette is the steel grey, 2nd from left in bottom row.

Head over to My Funny Valentine for more swatches

Have you tried any Sleek eyeshadow palette ??


No Nail Paint Experience

Few weeks ago at spur of a moment, looking at my unkept hand I decided to not paint my nails for 21 days continuously.
I have painted my nails for as long as can I remember so for me not to paint my nails for over 21 days required alot of restrain.

My love for nail paints started out of necessity to stop me from nail biting. I was a serious nail biter. The only thing to stop me doing it was to make my nails so pretty that I don’t try to chew them off. And it worked.

But off late I noticed that my cuticles, skin around it and nail in general wasn’t in it’s best condition. It was dry, peeling and basically a very unsightly look. This is when I decided to try the whole ‘No nail paint’ thing. And in this process I learnt few things

  • Its very hard to stop doing something you have done for a very long time. It involves serious withdrawals
  • And only when you stop do you realise what almost daily change of nail paint was doing to your hand
  • I would neglect taking care of my cutilcles since painted nails made my hand look pretty
  • The look of stained nail is not so good.
  • Nothing, absolutely nothing beats taking regular care of your hand. A well treated hand look just as polished as a well manicured one.
  • Its a good idea to give my nails a break from all the painting once in a while

Since the decision to embark on this was done in a spur of the moment, I couldn’t take the before pictures, but I definitely have the after ones.



While I was treating my nails to a break, I used following

Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil

Burt Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream

  • For cuticles I alternated between Essie Apricot Cuticle oil and Burt Bees Lemon Cuticle Creme.

A generous amount of either massaged into the cuticle while pushing away the extra skin.
I preferred to use oil at home since couldn’t risk it spilling in my handbag

The handcreams on rotation were Sally Hansen Nails & Cuticle Handcream and Swisse Hand cream

Sally Hansen Nails & Cuticle Hand Creme

Image Source

Swisse Hand Cream

Image Source

Of the two I preferred Sally Hansen for their citrusy fresh smell and for being so moisturising without being greasy.

The Swisse is good as a handcream but I don’t think I will be going for repurchase.

Have you ever done anything similar? As for me, I quite liked the result and plan to do this once in a while.

Purple Toned Eye Look

Today, I will be sharing a purple toned eye look with you, perfect for a date night or maybe when having a girls night out.

Purple Toned Eye Look

The products which I used are,(from L to R) NARS Lhasa, Smashbox Amethyst cream eyeshadow , MAC Haux and MAC Nocturnelle.


The swatches are in sequence of products

NARS, MAC, Smashbox

I started with concealing the dark circles and brightening the under eye area.

Purple Toned Eyelook Step 1

Instead of using an eye shadow primer, I used Smashbox Amethyst Cream eyeshadow as the base. Its an amazing eye product, with great pigmentation, ease of application and little to no creasing. I used my fingers to apply it starting from the lashline and then blending it towards the crease.

Purple Step 2_1

Purple Tone Step 2_2

I applied NARS Lhasa to the inner corner and then blended it outwards.

Purple Tone step 3

Purple Tone Step 3

Using a flat eyeshadow brush I applied MAC Nocturnelle to the outer part of the eye, concentrating on the corner. The edges were blended using MAC Haux

Purple tone step 4

For finishing the look I used MAC Prunella on the upper lash line and Australis 10 hour wear eye pencil in Grape Cake on lower lashline.

Australis, MAC

Australis, MAC

The finished eyelook

Purple Toned Eyelook

Purple eyeLook

This is one of my go to look to do when I am in rush and don’t have time to experiment.
Do you have any such looks?

And yes, if you haven’t tried Smashbox cream eyeshadow, do try them when you are next in store. I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

Inglot Haul

Sitting for coffee break before starting back for home, I noticed Inglot from corner of my eye. What I did next is no surprise.

Even before I walked in, I knew that I would be walking out with products. I wanted to create a basic neutral palette for everyday use.
So, I picked up 337, a matte medium brown eyeshadow, 11, a soft golden eyeshadow and 423 a deep brown shadow with burgundy undertones.
To complement these, I chose 21, a matte orange blush.

Inglot Eyeshadow Blush

The swatches are in sequence of products.
Inglot Swatches

Eyeshadows have minimum fall out and don’t crease with an eye primer. The blush is insanely pigmented and you need to careful when using.
If you haven’t tried Inglot, then I can’t recommend it enough. Do give it a try.
And if you have tried what are your favourites ?

MAC Ablaze

MAC has recently released Fashion Sets which features 4 different set each comprising of a lipliner,lipstick,nail paint and an eyeshadow. One of these set has MAC Ablaze which is a coral pink matte colour.


I haven’t been following MAC Limited Edition releases because I just can’t keep pace with them 😉 But when Giggle Girlie raved about it, I knew I had to check it out. And, I wasn’t disappointed 🙂

Even though the finish is matte, it’s not overly dry but yes it needs hydrated lips else it will highlight dry flakes. The colour is bright coral without being neon-ish.
The staying power is decent and it wears off evenly.


Is it a must have?? Only, if you don’t have anything similar in your stash already.

The collection has come both online and in store. Do you plan to get anything from this collection ??

On My Nails : Revlon Raven Red

This post is part of Swatch A Day series.

My love and collection for Revlon nail paint can be summarised in my husband’s statement “With these many Revlon nailpaints, you can have your own display stand”. Yes, its true 🙂

The collection is so vast that at times, I forget what I already have and then double up while buying.

Revlon Raven Red

Revlon Raven Red Name

This is a classic shade which applies smoothly and has a cream finish. Its a beautiful dark maroon color without being too vampy.

DSC_0107 - Copy

Revlon Orange Flip and Sizzle

Do you ever see a lipstick shade and then there is no peace till you get it ?? When I saw Angela from My Kitchen Rules wearing this bright orange lipstick,I needed it.

Image Source

It was nothing like I already had in my ‘Lipstick Wardrobe’. Thanks to Beauty Swatch for this term.

I had swatched lipstick on its own or with gloss but none came lose to what Angela wore. My gut told me that the best match would be available in Revlon and it was right.
I should listen to it more often 😉

And just like when I was giving up,the duo of Revlon Luxurious Living Lipstick in Orange Flip and Revlon Colorburst Gloss in Sizzle came together to create the shade I was after. Strangely enough I can’t find the aforementioned gloss on Revlon website but Priceline had it.






And when applied together


What do you think, did I manage to find the shade I was looking for ??

Loreal Shine Carisse in Juliet

Is it a gloss ? Is it a stain ? Or is it both ?? Depends on how long you have worn it for. Confused, let me elaborate, but first talk about the colour.



The Loreal Shine Carisse in Juliet can be described as warm red, a red with enough orange to make it more wearable. Its almost like a liquid/glossy version of NARS Heatwave


Its packed with pigmentation atleast the one I tried and one swipe is enough to get a finished look. I was pleasantly surprised considering my lips are fairly pigmented.

Loreal Shine Carisse Juliet

Now about it being gloss or stain. It initially applies like a gloss with lots of shine. But as the day progresses the shine wears off but the stain remains. The pigmentation is so strong that it left fair bit of stain even after greasy Indian dinner. I loved it some much that went ahead and got another Loreal Carisse Shine in Milady. A beautiful purple, perfect for fall.

Have you tried any from this range ? What do you think ??

An easy eye look

As part of LMFF inspired posts, today, I will be sharing an easy eye look. Not many products involved in this look and its low on skill level too.


I started by preparing my eye area, concealing all the dark circles and brightening the under eye area.

The products used are

Loreal Products

The swatches are in order of the product pics

Products Swatched

Then I used, MAC Groundwork paint pot as the eyeshadow primer. It works well as a primer and also to even out the lid area


The look was created using Loreal Contour Kohl in black and Loreal Infallible Eyeshadow in All Night Blue





Line the upper and lower lash line with the Kohl, keeping it thick on the outer edge. It doesn’t have to be perfect.



Now, taking an eyeshadow brush place Midnight Blue along the Kohl line. Again it doesn’t have to be perfect.



Using an angular brush, blend the two. Blend it till the edges become soft. Apply kohl to water line and finish with mascara.
I have used Loreal Lash Architect 4D masacara.


The finished look



Do you have any easy look to share ??

Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival

Its that time of the year again when the fashion and beauty world gathers in Melbourne to witness the established and emerging fashion designers as part of Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, LMFF.

LMFF has a special place in my heart and memories. We had just come to Melbourne as newly wed couple and gone to LMFF event being held in Prahran Park. Yes, in a park. I have no idea who were the designer featured, but I clearly recall models walking to peppy music of Gwen Stefani ‘What You Waiting For’. I remember looking at those models, trying to think how they styled their hair, had the prefect lips or the fresh pink flush on their cheeks.

I am not sure which was the participating store( I guess Hush Puppies)but they had a trivia thing happening. Incidentally I knew the answers and won a stuffed puppy(picture below)


Since then we have moved house multiple times, but this has always come along with us and now sits in my study.

Every year when LMFF comes to town, I remember the feeling of freshly painted nails from the Loreal pop up nail salon in Docklands. Perhaps there was always a beauty addict in me. Mention of makeup and I was there.

So, this year I have decided to bring a bit of LMFF to the blog. This week all posts will feature Loreal products.