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Savvy Orange Envy

One of the many reasons that I have countless nail paints is that if I see someone wearing a color, I try my best to get its closest match. So, I wasn’t surprised when I saw someone wearing a bright neon orange nail paint and the little voice in my head said “pretty !! you don’t have this color. Your mission is to find it’s match, should you accept”

My first stop was Priceline and I wasn’t disappointed in my search. There in the bargain bin was the color I was looking for, Savvy Orange Envy. Its a bright neon orange color without any shimmer. A perfect spring/summer color. Consistency wise its runny but doesn’t streak and needs only 2 coats to achieve opacity.

Savvy Neon Orange

Savvy Neon Orange Swatch

I would say for $3 its a great find. Have you tried any of the Savvy nail paints ? Do you also buy nail paints when you see some one wearing it ??